Our approach is to focus on what our customers want:

1) Reliable, Fast, Reasonably-Priced Internet Service

2) Local Support, Local Jobs!

3) Simple, Straight-forward Pricing

4) Business Services Focused on Eastern Oregon 

our approach

our commitments

Our goal is to be the number one provider of

online services in eastern oregon


who we are

Founded by a Burns native, MiWave is dedicated to the concept that local service is the best service. There will be no 800-number out of state customer support, no pressing 1 for Sales and 2 for Support.

1) Internet speeds are as advertised. A 10Mb/sec plan will get you a 10Mb/sec speeds, not 4Mb/sec with an occasional lucky moment at 3am where you get 10Mb/sec

2) We will always source local support for service. No 800-number service desk in some other state from someone who you can't understand on the phone.

3) Simple and straight-forward pricing. No hidden fees, no added taxes, no surprises when you get your first bill. All fees and taxes are included in the monthly rates.

4) Our home market is Burns-Hines. The people of this area come first. As we grow, we will expand our services as our customers need, to include business services, technology hardware, and landline VOIP phone service.